Organics & Green Waste Containers

From countertop to curb, Cascade offers a variety of containers for organics and green waste collection. No matter your collection needs, we can offer you the right-sized product from in-home use to commercial food waste collection.

Kitchen Organics Container

Kitchen food scrap collection containers are a part of a proven program for effective household organics diversion. Cascade offers the industry's best kitchen organics container for your in-home food scrap collection needs. The Sure-Close container's unique design includes patented interior airflow channels that ensure food scraps remain aerated and odor free. This food waste container's innovative, ergonomic design features make it easy to fill, carry, empty and clean.

The 1.9 Gallon (7.1 Liter) Sure-Close kitchen organics container is sized right for plate scraping and frequent easy emptying, and its smooth edges and removable lid make it easy to clean in the dishwasher or sink whether you use it with or without compostable liners.


  • Stay open hinged lid
  • Wide opening with high backsplash allows for easy plate scraping
  • Rugged, secure latch
  • Interlocking, double seal technology

Curbside Roll-Out Carts  

Cascade's Sterling Series carts have been specifically designed to accommodate organics and green waste collection. Our 21 Gallon offering includes retention clips for securing compostable liners used in the home, and an overhang lid with optional latch for greater critter control when used outdoors. The 32 Gallon cart has been developed specifically for residential collection and the 64 and 96 Gallon carts can be used for residential and/or commercial food waste collection.

Cascade 32 Gallon CartFEATURES

  • Factory installed, rustproof, sealed lower lift bar for leak prevention
  • Lid includes structural bridge for support of strong seal and overhang for critter control
  • Rear lid vent to prevent anaerobic activity (malodor)
  • Fully and Semi automated lifting capability


  • Cart Art: Manufactured literature hook under the lid, custom cart colors, hot stamping, and the industry's largest in-mold labels allow you to...
    • Communicate waste, recyling, or organic program instructions to your customers
    • Display your company or city logo and serial numbers for traceability
  • Data-Enabled: Manufactured with a RFID tag, these SmartCarts® allow you to...
    • Assign the cart to a specific location
    • Generate data on waste, recycling, or organics participation rates in your community
  Kitchen Organics Container 21 Gallon Organics 32 Gallon Organic Cart 64 Gallon Organic Cart 96 Gallon Organic Cart
Width 11" 17.8" 19” 24” 23”
Depth 8.5" 22" 26” 26” 31.5”
Height - Lid to Ground 9.5" 32.5" 36.75” 43” 46”
Wheel Diameter n/a 8" 8” 10” 10”/12”
Axle n/a 7/8" 5/8” 5/8” .844”
Carts Per Stack 25 per box/300 per skid 44 per skid 10 10 10
Carts Per 53’ Truck 14,400 1,144 1,100 800 580