Cascade supplies SMART & SUSTAINABLE collection containers and asset management services across North America. 

With Cascade's solutions you can meet your sustainability initiatives, lower your carbon footprint, and increase landfill diversion all while meeting or exceeding your recycling goals. Your residents will feel good about their positive impact on the environment, and your City council will feel good about their budget.

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Cascade has manufactured residential and commercial containers for nearly three decades. Our products are designed with your collection programs in mind and can be CUSTOMIZED to uniquely fit your size, color, labeling, and graphic needs. We can successfully communicate your program's details, while improving the environmental economics beyond your program. By incorporating recycled content and rugged RFID tags in our containers, Cascade closes the loop and increases the opportunity for your 100% recyclable carts to have future lifecycles.

Some of our products include:

  • Curbside recycling carts (35 - 96 Gallons)
  • Organics collection containers (2 - 96 Gallons)
  • Roll-out trash carts for residential collections (32 - 96 Gallons)
  • Front and rear load commercial containers (1 - 8 Yards)
  • Rugged RFID tags for various container types
  • Public litter containers


We are driving waste out of municipal operations and transforming public works departments with SMART DATA. Collected by handheld RFID & GPS truck systems and wirelessly communicated back to your department's office, our software services offer your City a seamless view of waste, recycling, and organics collection operations. You can simply manage your assets to improve container capital spend, or implement a full-scale Pay-As-You-Throw fee system. Some of our tech services include:

  • CartLogic container management
  • CapturIT truck systems


Cascade delivers value beyond your containers through seamless assembly, distribution, recovery, and recycling. Now you can manage your containers using MOBILE APPS and online tools built for your City, or simply allow Cascade to manage your containers through convenient Service Centers built to make your cart base last. Some of our services include:

  • Smart assembly & distribution (A&D)
  • Smart container management
  • Cart recovery & recycling
  • Service Centers

Save time, resources, and money procuring the waste collection and recycling products your municipality needs, by purchasing through Cascade's NJPA contract.

To make your City's purchasing experience as convenient as possible, Cascade offers cooperative purchasing. Learn more about our competitively bid and awarded NJPA contract.

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