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Affordable, web-based asset management software built for the waste industry by the waste industry. Track and manage your entire waste, recycling and organics cart base with a paperless workflow that will streamline and simplify your operations.

Cascade Brochure

Cascade Cart Solutions' full line of waste and recycling bins, carts, commercial containers, litter containers, lifters, and more

Cascade NJPA Brochure

As a NJPA Awarded Vendor, Cascade supplies smart and sustainable, residential and commercial collection containers and asset management services across North America. Through NJPA government and non-profit agencies can save time, resources, and money by purchasing Cascade products - savings your local government can dedicate to other solid waste and public works department initiatives.

Container Tracking

Cascade Cart Solutions' full line of waste and recycling container tracking solutions, RFID (radio frequency identification) tags that allow you to track your assets and improve business efficiency with ease

Kitchen Organics Container

Sure-Close kitchen organics container for in-home food waste collection

Onboard Systems

Cascade Cart Solutions' CapturIT® Onboard Intelligence system brings the best thinking from the waste and IT industries together to help you build a more competitive business, offering the only onboard truck system technology developed solely for the waste and recycling industry.

Service Centers

Experience hassle-free, total cart management when we manage your entire cart base from new cart delivery to end of life cart recovery and recycling at a Cascade Service Center

The Pink Cart Brochure

Cascade Cart Solutions' exclusive breast cancer awareness program for haulers, distributors and municipalities, The Pink Cart supports the American Cancer Society's® breast cancer awareness programs and the Canadian Cancer Society's® breast cancer research initiatives

Case Studies

Know What You T.H.R.O.W Case Study

Cascade Cart Solutions worked in collaboration with the City of Grand Rapids, Michigan to develop an award-winning, volume-based pay-for-service trash collection program: Know What You T.H.R.O.W

Manage Carts Online

Web-Based Cart Management: Overcoming Technology Barrier Myths, the right web-based software will not only streamline your service operations and improve your bottom line, but it will also prepare your business for what's to come

Transforming MSW Collection Case Study

Cascade Cart Solutions worked in collaboration with Inland Waste Solutions and the City of Harrison, Arkansas to completely transform their residential and commercial collections, implementing an end-to-end, technology-enabled MSW management system


Incorporating RFID Technology into Your Waste & Recycling Operations: RFID technology implementations do require change for operations teams, but the benefits lead to more solutions than haulers and municipalities thought possible

Legal Information

Cart Warranty Request Form
End User Software License Agreement

Press Releases

B Corp 2011 Annual Report

B Corporation 2011 Annual Report: Old school leader of the new economy - Cascade Engineering is big and thinks bigger

City of GR Green Award Press Release

City of Grand Rapids, Michigan honored for use of RFID-enabled recycling and refuse collection system - City of Grand Rapids and Cascade partner in Green Award. Cascade announces that its partnership with the City of Grand Rapids to implement an innovative refuse and recycling collection system has resulted in important recognition for the City by RFID Journal, a leading industry publication.

NJPA Awards Cascade

Cascade is Awarded National Cooperative Contract for Refuse and Recycling Products and Equipment by the National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA)

Spec Sheets

21-Gallon Spec Sheet

21-Gallon residential organics cart with optional lid latch

32-Gallon Spec Sheet

32-Gallon Universal residential cart

Cart Art Guide

Cascade provides a variety of cart customization options including in-mold lid label graphics and custom hot stamp artwork on the cart body

Euro-Style Cart Spec Sheet

64- and 96-Gallon residential cart sizes, compatible with European-style lifter systems

Standard Cart Colors

Cascade Cart Solutions' residential, roll-out carts are available in the industry's largest variety of 20 standard colors, allowing your brand and collection program to stand out in your community.

The Bear Cart Spec Sheet

96-Gallon Certified Bear-Resistant Cart

Xtreme Tag Metal Specs

Ultra high frequency, rugged RFID tag for asset management of any metal container in the field

Xtreme Tag Retro Specs

Ultra high frequency, rugged RFID tag for retrofitting any injection molded cart in the field, making the cart data-enabled without the use of tools

Xtreme Tag Snap-In Specs

Ultra high frequency, rugged RFID tag attached to all Cascade carts during manufacturing, creating a SmartCart that enables data collection at the curb

Triple Bottom Line Reports

2003 TBL Report - Cascade Engineering
2004 TBL Report - Cascade Engineering
2005 TBL Report - Cascade Engineering
2006 TBL Report - Cascade Engineering
2007 TBL Report - Cascade Engineering
2009 TBL Report - Cascade Engineering
2010 TBL Report - Cascade Engineering
2012 TBL Report - Cascade Engineering
2013 TBL Report - Cascade Engineering
2014 TBL Report - Cascade Engineering
2015 TBL Report - Cascade Engineering
2016 TBL Report - Cascade Engineering